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Programs with internships for Pilots gain relevance

Programs with the possibility of internships, in aviation, have gained greater importance for pilot students.

For those who complete the course “From Zero to Flight Instructor” with IFA, there is the possibility of acquiring practical knowledge by doing an internship. Applicants seek to include this option in their study plan in order to enhance their future. For many, it presents itself as a solution in a troubled time, with the aim of accumulating experience and knowledge but also to increase their level of expertise.

Accordingly, the route includes an integral program: the Integrated ATPL (24 months), followed by the Flight Instructor course (6 months), and in the last step they start the 255 hours internship with approximately 6 to 8 months of duration.

This program grants an Airline Pilot License (Integrated ATPL) and allows you to build flight hours as a Flight Instructor (FI). In addition to helping other students through instruction, it helps them achieve their goals before applying to airlines. With this program, the student does not need any kind of previous experience as he starts his training from scratch, climbing in aviation as he completes the various steps included.

The bond for the internship is made at the beginning of the course and, at the end of the course, the student will have approximately 500 hours of flight time. As it is a program with several integrated options, people who have completed the course in another context are not accepted for internships. Interested parties should therefore decide carefully before enrolling in any course, as this option is only available in the “Zero to FI” course.


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2785-269, Tires, Portugal

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