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12 - A320 Simulator Assessment Rental

The primary objective of this practice assessment is to prepare the candidate for a simulator assessment for the recruitment process at an Airline. In the assessment, the candidate will be given the opportunity to demonstrate skills in basic handling, instrument flying, procedures, and failure management. They must display both Notechs and TEM (threats and error management) throughout the assessment.

The requirement is not to be proficient on the aircraft, it is merely an exercise to assess the candidate’s raw hand flying capabilities, their Notech, TEM skills and their failure management model.

Theoretical Instruction for 2 students

8 hours

Theoretical Instruction for 1 student

6 hours

Simulator Training

6 hours

Untitled 1 - A320 Simulator Assessment Rental

Profile Overview

The exercise can be carried out from several Airports, detailed in the Assessment Profile. The exercise begins with a manually flown SID (Standard Instruments Department) or can be substituted with a non-standard departure.  

The exercises given are to be optimized to provide the opportunity to demonstrate potential learning capacity, and rate of learning. An emphasis should be made on the ability in self-analysis, the ability to absorb instruction, and showing a well-defined learning curve.

Role of the Assessor

During the assessment, the assessor may be required to perform both the roles of PF (person responsible for managing) and PM (person responsible for monitoring the current and projected flight path and energy of the aircraft).  

Whilst acting as PF, the asessor should handle the aircraft in a way which allows the candidate adequate and reasonable practice as PM. Whilst acting as PM, the assessor should act only on the instructions of the PF and make no effort to influence the actions of the candidate. Standard monitoring calls should be made relating to speed, altitude, pitch, roll, etc. If instructing from the simulator instructor station, the assessor should try to simulate ATC (Air Traffic Control) calls, using standard phraseology. Although it is appreciated that simulated ATC can be difficult when operating pilot monitoring, it would be beneficial, and more realistic practice for the candidate if the assessor continued to try to simulate ATC.  

To facilitate the demonstration of a positive learning curve, and the ability to take instruction, the candidate should be given the opportunity to reattempt areas of the exercise, as and when the assessors see fit. 

assessement 1 - A320 Simulator Assessment Rental


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