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Zero to type

Asset 4 - Zero to Type

Integrated ATPL(A)
+ A320 Type Rating

Do you want to become an airline pilot but don’t know how? This program is for you!

The Zero to Type program is the simplest way of obtaining a commercial pilot license with a Type Rating, enabling you to be in a better position in airline recruitment processes.
With this specific qualification, any airline operating an Airbus A320 is an option for you. You can become a First Officer without any previous experience required!

Choose the Better route Fastest path ideal school for you

Asset 14 - Zero to Type

First officer

Integrated ATPL(A) Course

The most intense and fast road to become an airline pilot.

Select the ideal plan for you:

16 months OR 24 months
ATPL Theory + Flight Training

Asset 14 1 - Zero to Type


ATPL(A) + A320 Type Rating

Complete your ATPL License with an Airbus A320 Type Rating

26 months plan

ATPL Theory and Flight Training + Type Rating Theory, Simulator Training (FFS) and Base Flight Training 

Pre-selection process steps:

1. Contact us

The first step is to communicate with us. You will be helped by our team through the entire process. Begin your application by filling the necessary forms, provided by IFA.

2. Initial discussion on terms and conditions

To discuss your needs and terms of application, you will be contacted by email or phone. In this phase, your registry manager will answer all of your questions.

3. Required documents and assessment schedule

After you submit all the required personal documents, you are ready to set the date of the assessment.

4. Candidate assessment

The candidate assessment process allows to determine whether you possess some traits and cognitive abilities as well as English language knowledge and the necessary motivation for a successful pilot career. The evaluation is conducted through a secure and legitimate test system.


ZERO TO TYPE Course Description

ATPL Theory + Flight Training
  • Flight instruction schedule: everyday (including weekends), according to the scheduled flight lesson
  • Training hours: 160 Real Flight + 55 FSTD*

*IFA has an FNPTII where you can complete more hours than those required by the regulation.

  • Ground School schedule: From Monday to Friday
  • Training hours: 830h
  • 13 written exams at IFA
  • ANAC ATPL theoretical examinations: 13 exams
  • Course Subjects:
    • Air Law and ATC Procedures
    • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Instrumentation
    • Mass & Balance
    • Performance
    • Flight Planning and Monitoring
    • Human Performance and Limitations
    • Meteorology
    • General Navigation
    • Radio Navigation
    • Operational Procedures
    • Principles Of Flight
    • Communications
    • KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude)
    • MCC
    • Math and Physics (Introduction)
  • Education: High-school diploma (or higher) or equivalent
  • Required experience in aviation: None. It’s a “start from zero” course.
  • Health: Valid EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate*
  • Age: To have at least 18 years old (or with 17 years old and high school successfully completed to begin ATPL theory)
  • Skills: Be fluent in English language (verbal and written) to obtain minimum ICAO English Level 4
  • Theoretical Knowledge: Mathematics, Physics, memory and multitasking are a plus
  • Other prerequisites:
    • Assessment** at IFA 
    • Clean criminal record (for all the countries of the last 5 years when based for more than 6 months)
    • Mandatory documentation
    • VISA*** for non-European Students

*You can obtain your initial certificate at UCS (Lisbon) or Hospital dos Lusíadas (Porto). There’s also Instituto CUF Porto but only for revalidations and renewals.
**The Assessment is a compass test with psychometric and motor skills, English, Math’s and Physics Knowledge exercises.
***The VISA Process is the student’s responsibility and is not included in the course package. After enrollment, IFA will issue a declaration proving the student is enrolled and with that document will be able to apply for the Student VISA.

Total course duration: Approximately 24 months (or a maximum of 36 months by regulation)

  • Course locations: Cascais – Aeródromo de Tires (LPCS) or Viseu – Aeródromo Municipal de Viseu (LPVZ).
  • For detailed information of the course plan, please consult us.
  • The enrolment fee, total cost, instalment plan or monthly fees and financing information are upon request.
  1. Student ID Card
  2. Aerodrome acess card
  3. VFR and IFR Charts
  4. Plotters IFR and VFR
  5. CRP5
  6. Aircraft Manuals
  7. Airways Manual
  8. Logbook
  9. Theory eBooks
  10. Calculator
  11. Student uniform
  12. Reflective vest

For more information about the course details and included features, contact us!

This course is for those who intend to pursue a professional pilot career. The Integrated ATPL(A) program is the fastest way to obtain the desired pilot license and will include the following qualifications:

Award upon successful course completion:
EASA Frozen ATPL License | EASA Multi Crew Pilot License

  • EASA CPL(A) License
  • EASA ATPL(A) Theory
  • Single Engine Rating (SEP)
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEP-IR/PBN)
  • Night Flight
  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT)
  • English ICAO Grade

The applications for this course are open all year round. Check the available dates of upcoming courses or apply now!

A320 Type Rating
The Zero To Type Pack is also available with ATR 42/72 or Boeing 737NG Type Rating.
  • Commercial pilot license with an ATPL Frozen
  • Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating (included in ATPL course)
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation course (included in ATPL course)
  • For licences issued after 29th December 2020, pilots must have Upset Recovery Training (included in ATPL course)

Approximately 25 days.

Ground School

  1. Aircraft Systems CBT (Self Study) – 40h

  2. General Operational Subjects – 12h

  3. Cockpit Procedure Training – 20h

  4. Progress Tests and Final Examination – 4h

Simulator Training

  1. Simulator Instruction: 36h – 9 sessions
  2. Skill Test: 4h – 1 session

Duration: 12 days

Base Flight

6 Take-offs and Landings

Duration: 1 day in Copenhagen

  • Operations Manual
  • Quick Reference Handbook
  • Flight Crew Training Manual
  • Jeppesen approach charts
  • Cockpit Panels

other Type Rating Courses

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Additional Information

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Flight School
Type Rating
Cabin Crew
Aircraft Maintenance


Cascais Airport
R.Bartolomeu de Gusmão 118,
2785-269, Tires, Portugal

Viseu Airport
Avenida do Aeródromo, Hangar 5
3515-342 Viseu, Portugal

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