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Find out the best path: Integrated ATPL or Modular ATPL?

IFA Training helps its students to accomplish their future as a professional airline pilot through two routes: the Integrated ATPL(A) or the Modular ATPL(A).

To develop the necessary expertise and skills to become a pilot, it is essential to join a course that is completely suited to one’s conditions.
If the interested party has full availability, the most suitable option is the Integrated ATPL, a course designed for constant monitoring, initiating a fast but carefully planned path to start their studies from scratch. The theoretical classes are mandatorily taken on ground (face-to-face), so the student can create a schedule and regime that follows him daily and weekly during the course. It is intended to be completed within 24 months, with a time limit of 36 months. This is the fastest option to obtain an Airline Pilot License (ATPL).
To enrol in the Integrated ATPL, one must be at least 17 years old, as long as it has completed the high-school education. The maximum limit to be an Airline Pilot on an airline is 65 years.

For those who have another activity and intend to become a pilot simultaneously, the ideal would be to opt for the Modular ATPL, a program that allows for an independent study, conducted according to their availability. This program consists of several steps until the desired license is reached, as it comprises the realisation of various modules. The student starts the course with the PPL (Private Pilot License) module and progresses into another module.
This course is particularly favourable on a monetary level as payment is made according to the module one takes. The Modular ATPL can be purchased in Pack (PPL+Modular), including the Time Building value (minimum number of required flight hours). To start this course, a minimum of 15 years of age is necessary, as long as the candidate has at least the 9th grade of education.

In both courses, IFA Training admits national and international students, as it already has some from countries like Cape Verde, Timor, Romania, Brazil, amongst other places.

For further clarification, IFA can advise interested parties which course best suits their pace and conditions through


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