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Welcome to IFA Flight School!

Explore your options and get the licence you are looking for, whether professional or private.
Do not let your dreams fly away and accomplish your goals with this Aviation Training Center.

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At IFA Flight School you can learn to fly with a notable training team and resources.

Discover the diversified fleet that you can interact with. Prepare the foundation of your career with us and get ready for an adventure with empowering, vibrant and educational experiences.


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Cessna 172

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The school started with the purpose of providing students with technical knowledge and experience in aviation. It was founded in 1998 and, since then, it continues its ideals of training pilots at national and international level.

Foundation of the Flight School
International repositioning of the Flight School
2018, June
IFA gets certified as ATO in Cape Verde
2018, September
The Aviation Training Center acquires the flight simulator ALX model EASA CS-FSTD A – FNPT II MCC Class, from ALSIM
2019, April
Partnership established with ISEC.
2019, September
IFA expands itself to the center of the country through partnerships with the City Hall and Piaget's Institute of Viseu.

IFA - Aviation Training Center, is an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO), providing all training needs for Flight, Cabin Crew and Ground Personnel.

EASA Part 145 certified Maintenance Company with Line and Base Maintenance capability.

Part 145 Scope of work - Aircrafts with MTOW below 5700 kg:

Cessna 100 series, Cessna 210, Cessna 337, Britten Norman BN2A Series, Grumman GA-7, Mooney M20 Series, Piper PA-24 / 28 / 31P / 32 / 38 Series.

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IFA - Maintenance and Engineering provides the work carried out in aeronautical projects or in the control of airworthiness, through the PART M, Subpart G certification.