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Flight School


IFA – International Flight Academy is certified by ANAC, the Portuguese national authority, in conformity with EASA regulations.

As aviation specialists, we have trained hundreds of pilots in the last 22 years, which are presently flying in several airlines around Europe, Asia and Africa.

IFA offers continuous or modular training, which allows each student to complete their license at their own pace.

Flight School

Become an aircraft pilot in 4 steps

1.Choose a license to pursue

If you have the passion to fly an aircraft, you must choose whether it’s for your own pleasure or to start a career in aviation.

2.Select the right training program

Learn the differences between the programs and decide which one best suits your needs. Contact IFA and our staff will provide you with the right information.

3.Take the selection tests

You must complete the following tests: personal and behavioral characteristics and competencies, assessment of cognitive abilities, English evaluation and individual interview.

4.Health check

Before starting your training, you will have to undergo a medical examination. You have to get a Medical Certificate Class 1 or 2 from a medical examiner, approved by the national aviation authority (ANAC).

Ready to start?
Begin your private pilot or professional pilot program!

Here are some pilot courses you should consider.

ifa rounded bullet multi - Flight School

The Advanced Integrated ATPL course is the fastest pilot course to obtain an airline transport license, which allows you to apply for an airline.

ifa rounded bullet multi - Flight School

The Advanced Modular ATPL allows you to obtain a professional pilot license at your own speed and convenient investment capacity.

ifa rounded bullet multi - Flight School

If you dream of flying in private planes, escape the routine with peace and freedom and get a private pilot license. The PPL is also the first step to slowly getting an airline pilot license.

You can buy these pilot courses at our e-shop!

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