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Implementation of Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training (AMT)

As part of continuous improvement, IFA-Industries is in the process of certifying new skills as a Maintenance Training Organization (Part 147).

IFA-Industries will teach courses for the B1 category of electromechanical technician, with the possibility for new students to specialize in turbine-engine aircraft and/or piston-engined aircraft, getting one step closer to their aviation dreams.

The new TMA courses at IFA-Industries are planned to start in October 2021, with the theoretical component taking place at the IFA-Training facilities and the practical component at the IFA-Industries facilities at the Cascais Municipal Aerodrome.

We believe that joining a competent team with extensive experience in the training area, highly motivated trainees, aware of the responsibilities inherent to the TMA function and a great desire to learn and work, will lead to the training of excellence.

So, if you have a passion for aircraft, how they work and preserve themselves, don’t hesitate on the path to your dreams, contact us at or and keep an eye out for our social networks.