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Asset 26 1 - APS MCC

Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation

Asset 21 2 - APS MCC

The easiest and smoothest transition into your future as a pilot

Improve your professional future as an airline pilot with the APS MCC

APS MCC is a course that teaches pilots how to interact and divide flight tasks between the elements of a crew, following the methodologies used in airlines. It is an EASA-recognized course intended for a recent ATPL or CPL/MEIR holder and prepares them to do a type rating course in a modern aircraft, such as an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.
The APS MCC course arose because most of the airlines became aware of the difficulties that young pilots presented when put into a simulator either in selection processes by airlines or already in the type rating course.
The APS MCC is an enhanced MCC that teaches crews how to work together and fly aircraft using simulators representing the entire aircraft.  
In a selection process, the APS MCC gives a significant advantage to pilots who have completed this course compared to others who have not— concerning better preparation for professionals or future professionals.

Enhanced MCC Course To Maximize Your Professional Skills​

- Easier transition from small aircraft to larger-sized cockpits;

- Quick adaptation to airline working environment;

- Familiarity with the flight check;

- Development of your skills;

- Improvement of your line training and screening capabilities

- Self-Awareness;

- Teamwork;

- Interpersonal & Communication Skills;

- Workload Management;

- Problem Solving & Decision-Making;

- Situational Recognition.

- Better performance in job interviews and assessments;

- Better preparation for type rating and line training;

- Introduction to realistic cockpit environment and creation of muscular memory;

- Usage of airline SOPs (standard operating procedures).

More Employability Qualifications Expertise

The APS MCC Course

It is divided into 2 phases

This first phase of the course, The APS MCC, includes theoretical instruction given by Airbus A320 instructors (TRI) consisting of presentations and discussions on the operation in a multi-crew environment and introducing the techniques necessary to solve problems in the cockpit.
IFA students have access to the school on a 24/7 basis so that when they are not in theoretical or simulator instruction, they can train A320 procedures on a flat panel for flow and checklist training.
The second phase begins with the simulator A320, which takes 40 hours to complete. The A320 simulator is the same as the aircraft. Simulators are the most comprehensive training tool used by airlines worldwide because they are an equal representation of the plane in both physical space and systems presentation.
The simulator phase of the APS MCC course is divided into several sections, including:

Theoretical Instruction

25 Hours

coockpit - APS MCC

Simulator Training

40 Hours

Check list - APS MCC

Briefings & Debriefings

20 Hours



Flight Time

At Least 70H as PIC


Valid ME-IR(A)

Physical Status

Valid EASA Medical Certificate Class 1

English language proficiency

ICAO English level 4 (minimum)


The APS MCC will be conducted on our new A320 Simulator, in Lisbon!

Asset 8 - APS MCC

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