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IFA acquires new A320 Simulator

The APS MCC prepares the pilots to take a type rating course on a modern aircraft such as an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

IFA and SIMNEST have signed an agreement through which SIMNEST will sell to IFA a new A320 FNPT II simulator. This new simulator will strongly enhance IFA’s MCC and Type Rating training curriculum. With this arrangement, IFA and SIMNEST will expand accessibility to high-quality, innovative flight training to commercial aviation students.

“This acquisition greatly expands our APS-MCC flight-training capacity to better meet the needs of our students”, said José Madeira, president and CEO of IFA International Flight Academy.

“The change in the training environment is real and the industry is demanding a better approach to the flight deck procedures used in the real airline world. Those include airline SOP’s, a better selection of cadets and shorter line training. We are sure that through real cockpit and system procedures like the ones included in our APS-MCC program, we will give our students the leverage they need to be successful when entering the job market.”

APS MCC is a course that teaches pilots to interact and divide flight tasks among the elements of a crew, but following the methodologies used in airlines. It is an EASA recognized course and is aimed at a recent ATPL or CPL graduate preparing them to take a type rating course on a modern aircraft such as an Airbus A320.

The APS MCC course emerged because some airlines realized the difficulties that young pilots had when placed in a simulator, whether in selection processes by companies or already in the type rating course. In recruitment processes, the APS-MCC gives a significant advantage to pilots who have completed this course when compared to others who have not. 

For this new training, after exploring the market offerings, Simnest Aviation’s Airbus A320 FNPT II APS MCC was found to be the most suitable choice. Besides its incredible ease of use and the immediate availability of support services, the fact that Simnest provides an FNPT II APS MCC simulator with a high-fidelity Airbus 320 environment equipped with OEM parts was a decisive argument for the management of IFA. Though the Simnest A320-based FNPT II APS MCC simulator is a very complex device, it does not mean that it could not be simple to use. The new high fidelity Simnest Airbus A320 FNTP II APS MCC device of IFA is going to be installed this July. The result: more cadets, who will be grateful to IFA IFA for making it easier to reach their dreams of being an airline pilot.

About IFA

IFA is the flight school with the widest variety of aviation courses in Portugal. As aviation specialists, the school has trained thousands of pilots and cabin crews in the past 25 years, which are presently flying in several airlines around Europe, Asia and Africa. IFA continues to focus on innovation improvement of solutions and resources to their students.

About Simnest

Simnest’s work focus on the design and manufacturing of professional FSTDs, making the pilot’s transition from light aircraft to jets simpler. The development of its products are completed with the greatest efficiency and detail to provide a higher quality training. Hence, their simulators realistically replicate the A320 and deepen the real cockpit experience.

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Simnest A320 FNPT II Simulator


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