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Embraer 190
Type Rating

Embraer 190 - E190 Type Rating
The Embraer 190 Type Rating Course aims to train pilots to acquire all the knowledge necessary to understand the basic functions of the E190 airplane systems, use of the components of each system, training of operational procedures using Checklists and instruments. It is intended that students are proficient in all emergency manoeuvres, operational aspects and work in a multi-pilot environment.

Course Description

  • Commercial pilot licence with an ATPL Frozen
  • Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation course
  • For licenses issued after 29th December 2020, pilots must have UPRT

Approximately 25 days.

Ground School

  1. Theory in Classroom – 77h
  2. Aircraft Systems CBT (Self Study) – 15h
  3. Progress Tests and Final Examination – 3h


Simulator Training

  1. Simulator Instruction: 36h – 9 sessions
  2. Skill Test: 4h – 1 session

Duration: approx. 25 days

  • Operations Manual
  • Quick Reference Handbook
  • Flight Crew Training Manual
  • Jeppesen approach charts
  • Cockpit Panels

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