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What is the Cabin Crew CCA?

What is the famous CCA a Cabin Crew student earns after successfully complete the training?

CCA means Cabin Crew Attestation and it is a professional qualification in the aviation industry. If you complete your initial cabin crew training in the European Union (EU), you will obtain an EASA CCA. In Portugal, this document is issued by ANAC – Civil Aviation National Authority, in compliance with the EASA – European Safety Aviation Agency rules.

To obtain this qualification, one must take the mandatory theoretical and practical classes and associated examination.

Where is the CCA recognized?

As the European Aviation Safety Agency states a “Cabin Crew Attestation issued in one EU Member State, or in EASA Member State, is valid and recognised in all EU Member States without further requirements or evaluation. Each cabin crew member can benefit from a free working movement amongst the EU operators/Member States.”

In case your cabin crew qualification has been issued by a country not a member of the European Union, then it’s not valid in the EASA space.

If you are looking to become a Flight Attendant know that you need this qualification first. The CCA also ensures the airlines of your capabilities and enhances the chances of being recruited.

Why is the initial training so important?

The course aims to familiarize the students with the aviation environment and also provide them with the necessary skills to carry out functions as crew members, ensuring the safety of all passengers on board an aircraft and the skills to act in potential emergency situations.

This way, one becomes proficient in normal, abnormal and emergent scenarios.

Flight Attendant Training
IFA’s Cabin Crew class – July 2023


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Cabin Crew
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