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Introducing JOC – Jet Orientation Course

The JOC – Jet Orientation Course works as a complement of the MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation course, being an extraordinary addition to a pilot training.

The JOC course gives its trainee pilots an easy transition between commercial aircraft and airline aircraft. With this specific course, students will gain a positive mindset that will lead them to success! 

And now, with this program one can also be able to fly faster and more complex aircraft! The JOC course will best prepare you for the big aircraft systems, making easier the acquirement of every Rating element. This course is extremely important to facilitate the transition between simpler aircraft and jet aircraft, before starting a Type Rating, developing the necessary handling techniques for a better proficiency in screening. The JOC program comprises the basics of flying on jet aircraft and will familiarize the student with jet aircraft operations, for now being available at IFA for the Airbus A320. It is conducted in Lisbon, Portugal on a Full Flight Simulator, level D, the highest ranked and most advanced simulator of its kind.

This training, with theory and practical sessions included, takes about a week to complete and comprises so many advantages for aspiring pilots:

  • Smoother transition from lighter aircraft to (bigger) airline aircraft;
  • Spatial knowledge and cockpit organization awareness;
  • Training in FFS–Full Flight Simulator with maneuver preparation;
  • Improved pilot training flow and greater smoothness of procedures for the screening;
  • Physical memory acquisition of the aircraft instruments;
  • Higher probability of passing the screening.

It is possible to combine the MCC and JOC courses and making a united short program as the MCC will emphasize on the teamwork and the JOC will focus on your handle of an A320 aircraft.

In short, you will gain extensive skills so you can join an airline faster than ever! Improve your skills and become an excellent pilot!


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Cascais Airport
R.Bartolomeu de Gusmão 118,
2785-269, Tires, Portugal

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Avenida do Aeródromo, Hangar 5 3515-342 Viseu, Portugal

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