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New Pipistrel SW121 reinforces IFA fleet

Today, the second Pipistrel SW121 plane arrived in Cascais to reinforce IFA’s fleet.

IFA – International Flight Academy, is the brand’s exclusive representative in Portugal after realizing the need to team up with a manufacturer that has proven itself in terms of manufacturing quality, technological innovation and the quality of navigation and flight safety systems.

The introduction of UPRT in professional pilots programs also obliges another type of reflection, namely with regard to the age and fatigue of aircraft and active safety systems. In this domain, the adoption of a ballistic parachute system introduces a complementary level of safety. The pilot, as a last resort, will be able to activate this system and the plane through this parachute will reach the ground in a controlled manner and without damage to its occupants. Flight safety is at the heart of our instructional philosophy and our track record speaks for itself in that area.

From a systems point of view, the Pipistrel SW121 is absolutely unique for an airplane of this category, clearly standing out from its competitors. From the outset, it is built in carbon fiber and other composites and is equipped with a variable pitch propeller from the MT Propeller manufacturer, connected to a Rotax 912 engine. The aircraft is also equipped with speed brakes.

From the avionics point of view, the Pipistrel SW121 assembles a Garmin “Glass Cockpit” G3X set with two interchangeable screens for indicating attitude, altitude, speed, navigation and aircraft systems including all engine parameters.
The plane is also equipped with a digital autopilot also from Garmin model GFC500.

The Pipistrel SW121 is approved for UPRT training and also for night flying. The Pipistrel SW121 is without a doubt the most advanced aircraft in its class and the IFA International Flight Academy is delighted to provide its students with this type of equipment.

Pipistrel SW121 Cockpit - New Pipistrel SW121 reinforces IFA fleet


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Cascais Airport
R.Bartolomeu de Gusmão 118,
2785-269, Tires, Portugal

Viseu Airport
Avenida do Aeródromo, Hangar 5
3515-342 Viseu, Portugal

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