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The Type Rating Course in Airbus A320 aims to train pilots so that they acquire all the knowledge necessary to understand the basic functions of the airplane systems, use of the components of each system, training of operational procedures using Checklists and instruments.
It is intended that students are proficient in all emergency manoeuvres, operational aspects and work in a multi-pilot environment


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Ground School

It takes approximately 3 weeks in Tires (20Km from Lisbon):

1.Systems and General Operational Subjects - 52h
2. Cockpit Procedure Training - 30h

3. Progress Tests and Final Examination - 4h

Simulator Training

12 days duration in Tires (20Km from Lisbon), of which:

a) Simulator Instruction - 36h - 09 sessions
b) Skill Test: 4h - 01 session

Base flight

The Base Flight takes 1 or 2 days and it is performed in Copenhagen.


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Theoretical instruction

- Aircraft systems
- General operational subjects

- Use of Checklists
- Flight plan
- Cockpit Familiarization
- Normal, non-normal and Emergency Procedures

Simulator instruction

- Normal and non-normal emergency manoeuvers
- Operational procedures
- Multi-pilot coordination training

Base flight

- 6 take-offs and landings


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