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IFA participated in the IPV tourism event

The ExpoTur2021 event brought together several students and professionals on the premises of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV).

IFA – Aviation Training Center was present at ExpoTur-Viagens ESTGV, an event held by students in the 3rd year of the Degree in Tourism, at the Superior School of Technology and Management in Viseu (ESTGV).

The invitation to interested parties quickly ran out, with the participation of more than 125 students.

This event, held on December 14 of 2021, was divided into several visiting groups between 14:00 and 17:45 and was attended by students from secondary or professional education and higher tourism education at IPV. Participants were able to discover some areas of the tourism sector in the various visiting spaces or “stops”: TUR Agency, ESTGV Travel, IPV Accommodation, Segredo dos Sabores and TurFun.

«Life is about choices and we choose to fly. What about you, what do you choose?»
-IFA Aviation Training Center

On this trip to the professional future of the participants, IFA explained courses in the air transport sector, such as Airline Pilot (ATPL) and Cabin Crew Course (PNC).

The room at the “Viagens ESTGV” stop was dedicated to the theme of transport which received 6 groups of visitors. The place was filled with balloons in IFA’s colours, hanging cards with phrases related to the necessary skills for each course.

Commander Alfredo Filho, responsible theoretical instructor at IFA Viseu attended the event to report his 30+ years of experience as an airplane and helicopter pilot, as well as a flight and theoretical instructor.

To make this dream come true it is only necessary to contact through

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R.Bartolomeu de Gusmão 118,
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