Flight School - Viseu

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Viseu is a good option for those who live far from Lisbon or Oporto and want to do the course in a more afordable location. For international students it's the most complete offer.

Training activities in Viseu are conducted in two locations: Instituto Piaget and Aerodrome Gonçalves Lobato.
Theoretical instruction is conducted in Instituto Piaget that offer students' all the necessary conditions:
- Accomodation in campus
- Fully equiped classrooms
- Canteen
- Library

Not far from Instituto Piaget (5 kms), there's the Viseu Aerodrome, where flight phase is conducted. IFA has a recently renovated Hangar with Management room, Flight Planning room, Flight Operations and Aircrafts.

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IFA Flight School Viseu Hangar
Flight School Classroom
IFA Flight School Viseu Class near airplane inside Hangar
Hangar at IFA Flight School Viseu


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Instituto Piaget
Estrada do Alto Gaio, 3515-776, Lordosa

Aeródromo Municipal Gonçalves Lobato
Avenida do Aeródromo, Hangar 4, 3515-342, Lordosa.