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Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is a modular course to qualify pilots to fly under Instruments Flight Rules.

This course represents one more step towards a professional career as a Pilot as it is a requirement to become an airline pilot.

IR allows you to fly in any kind of weather, including low visibility weather conditions.
It is also one of the most useful ratings for private pilots, especially during long-distance flights.

Course Description

Approximately 2 months.

  • Flight Component:

    Single Engine:

    • 35h of simulator (FNPT II)
    • 15h of real flight

    Multi Engine:

    • 40h of simulator (FNPT II)
    • 15h of real flight

IR Course

  • 50h of Cross-Country as a Pilot in Command
  • Night Rating
  • English ICAO
  • Valid Medical Certificate Class 1

Aircraft manuals

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