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To fly some types of aircraft it is required an additional training, beyond your Commercial Pilot or ATPL License.

Enlarge your horizons and learn everything you need to navigate specific commercial aeroplanes.

IFA wants students to be proficient in all manoeuvers, operational aspects and work in a multi-pilot environment. As such, we have different options on Type Ratings.


The duration may vary according to the choosen Type Rating.

In general terms, it should take approximately 5 weeks to complete.


The applicant shall hold a Commercial pilot licence with an ATPL Frozen, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating and Multi-Crew Cooperation.

For licences issued after 29 December 2020, pilots must have means of proving Upset Recovery Training as per Article 4b of Commision Regulation (EU) Nr. 1178/2011.


- Operations Manual

- Quick Reference Handbook

- Flight Crew Training Manual

- Jeppesen approach charts

- Cockpit Panels


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