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Viseu inaugurates the start of its aviation school

Viseu welcomed with opened arms the first aviation school in the county and district. The inauguration was in Piaget’s Institute with the start of the first Airline Pilot course.

The Opening Ceremony, held on the 23rd of September, marked the beginning of a new phase for IFA. Pilot Airline course – Integrated ATPL(A) started with 16 registered students, who came from different parts of the country.

The aspiring pilots are in an approximately two-year course with a personal investment value of 59 500€. In the next months they will be in training, which will allow them to get the required license to command commercial aeroplanes.

Classes take place in two different areas of the county, for logistic reasons. There were protocols signed with Piaget’s Institute and Aerodrome “Gonçalves Lobato”. Respectively, is where the theoretical and practical components occur.

While visiting both installations, the students showed great enthusiasm as much as their families. Also, they shared expectations about their future professional life.

IFA is one of the civil aviation schools that initiates the flight phase earlier. They believe it is a reasonable option from a pedagogic and motivational point of view.

Even though it exists for two decades, at Cascais, this was the year IFA choose to expand its horizons and open a new operations’ base. Elected as best city to live in Portugal, Viseu was the location of choice. The reason for the new installations of the organization is as much by the conditions offered by the City Council as by the location. In addition, IFA’s CEO José Madeira reveals the strategy goes through “the schools’ internationalization, with the acquisition of Middle East and Asia students”. He also recalls that “the country is so much more than Lisbon and Porto”.

Almeida Henriques, the City Council Mayor, affirms that the school’s opening is only possible due to the aerodrome’s certification investment of the next five years.

At a time where the pursuit for the aviation world is expanding, the initial mark was accomplished with an impactful spread, reaching the city’s residents and visitors.

The Airline Pilot course is the first of three that are intended to progressively start in Viseu. Regardless, IFA expects a strong adhesion with the Cabin Crew and Aeroplane Maintenance Technician courses.