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IFA operates in the main European cities.

IFA provides up to date training conditions for professional pilots. As aviation experts, we have trained hundreds of pilots over the last 25 years who currently fly with various airlines across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Through our e-shop, pilots can buy courses online, choosing between the main European cities. Visit our shop to check our offer on courses and pilot gadgets.

Type Rating Instructor

If you enjoy passing on knowledge and experience to young pilots this program allows you to provide instruction in multi-pilot aircraft type ratings, LPCs and MCC courses.

The course is conducted using a mix of classroom and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and takes the candidate through the essential practical exercises of instruction required to qualify for type rating instructor.

License Proficiency Check (LPC)

You can revalidate or renew your expiring rating with our LPC program. The composition of the training is determined case by case.

The program depends on factors such as aircraft complexity, Rating, Class and the validation date.

You can buy these pilot courses at our e-shop!

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Cascais Airport
R.Bartolomeu de Gusmão 118,
2785-269, Tires, Portugal

Viseu Airport
Avenida do Aeródromo, Hangar 5
3515-342 Viseu, Portugal

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