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The ATR 42/72 Type Rating Course consists in training pilots to acquire all the necessary knowledge to understand the basic functions of the airplane systems, the use of the components of each system, training of operating procedures and use of Checklists and Instruments.

Students are expected to be proficient in all emergency manoeuvers, operational aspects and work in a multi-pilot environment.


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Ground School

a) Theoretical Instruction – 69h
b) Cockpit Procedure Training – 12h
c) Progress Test and Final Examination: 6h

Simulator training

11 days duration

a) Simulator Instruction: 32h – 8 sessions
b) Skill Test: 4h – 1 session

Base flight

Duration: 1 day


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Theoretical instruction

- Aeroplane structure and equipment
- Crew Resource Management
- General operational subjects

- Use of Checklists
- Flight planning
- Cockpit Familiarization
- Crew Resource Management (CRM)
- Normal, non-normal and Emergency Procedures

Simulator Training

- Normal and non-normal emergency manoeuvers
- Operational procedures
- Multi-pilot coordination training

Base flight

- 6 takeoffs and landings


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