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Multi-crew Cooperation

MCC Program

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The MCC course is the last module towards the completion of the ATPL course.
The objectives are to develop the technical and non-technical components of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to operate a multicrew aircraft.
Some of the desired competencies to achieve are: Communication, Leadership, Team Work, Situation Awareness, Workload Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

It's also a requirement to enroll in a Type Rating course.


Theoretical instruction – 25h – 8 days

Simulator instruction – 20h (5 sessions) – 3 days


Approximately 2 weeks.


Theoretical instruction:

  • Human Factors and Flight Safety
  • Error, Performance and Safety
  • Situation awareness
  • Team Performance
  • Communication and Radio

Simulator Training:

  • Briefings and debriefing during the simulator training
  • Route familiarization
  • Communication
  • Procedures and Practices
  • Decision Making
  • Security
  • Air Operator Policies


The applicant shall have completed an ATP Integrated course. In case the applicant has not graduated from an ATP Integrated course, it shall hold a CPL with ME/IR.


  • MCC Manual
  • Aircraft Manual

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