MCC Program Path

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In order to master your skills and move on to other stages of the aviation training, you will need the MCC course. Overall, it provides you all the necessary knowledge to become a proficient professional in the coordination work of a multi-pilot environment.

This course consists of realistic training as you learn to command multi-pilot and multi-engine aircraft under IFR. The Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) path is, therefore, an additional training to Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

With little or no experience at all, you can easily obtain a certificate that proves you successfully completed a standard multi-crew type rating.


The aim of this course is to develop your skills in different aspects, such as: decision making, communication, diversion of tasks and use of checklist, mutual supervision, teamwork as well as support through all the stages of flight under any conditions.


The course is divided into a theoretical component and a practical one, recurring to the simulator.

The theoretical part has an approximate duration of 8 days:

  • Theoretical instruction – 25h

The practical simulator instruction will last 3 days, considering that:

  • 20h total
    • 5 SIM sessions (4h each)


Each component has its defined time. In general, it can take about 2 weeks.


Theoretical instruction:

  • Human Factors and Flight Safety
  • Error, Performance and Safety
  • Situation awareness
  • Team Performance
  • Communication and Radio

Simulator Training:

  • Briefings and debriefing during the simulator training
  • Route familiarization
  • Communication
  • Procedures and Practices
  • Decision Making
  • Security
  • Air Operator Policies


The applicant shall have completed an ATP Integrated course. In case the applicant has not graduated from an ATP Integrated course, it shall hold a CPL with ME/IR.


  • MCC Manual
  • A/C Manual

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