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Is your rating expired?

Do you need a License Proficiency Check - LPC?

At IFA we help you maintain your qualifications valid.

You can revalidate or renew your expiring rating with our program. The composition of the training is determined case by case.

The program depends on factors such as aircraft complexity, Rating, Class and the validation date.

Class Rating Objectives

Keep your qualifications valid. If you need to revalidate or renew your Class or Type qualifications, IFA can assist in:

Type Rating Objectives

Keep your Type Qualifications valid!

Available Type Ratings:

    • ATR 42 / 72
    • A320
    • B737 NG
    • B757 / 767
    • B777
    • Hawker 900 XP
  1. Revalidations: 03:00h on FFS (minimum 2 pilots)


  2. Renewals: the training plan is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Training, taking into account the following factors:
    • Pilot experience;
    • Aircraft complexity;
    • The time that has passed since the Qualification has expired;
    • If the Pilot has another valid Rating;
    • If the pilot is current on another Type.


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