Piloto de Linha Aérea com Licenciatura de Ciências Aeronáuticas

Integrated ATPL + University Degree


Integrated ATPL(A) with an University Degree

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Do you want to become a professional airline pilot with an University Degree? This Program is for you!

The integrated ATPL program + University Degree is a simple and quick option for those who want to become a pilot and also be a graduate.

Without any previous flying experience, become a First Officer in a multi-engine commercial aircraft.

This program allows you to get a Frozen ATPL (CPL(A) / IR / ME + ATPL theory) allowing you to apply for airlines or continue your pilot training with a Type Rating.

Course content

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IFA Cascais

Training Hours
Duration in months
ATPL Theoretical Training
ATPL Flight Training
ANAC Exams
160 + 55 Simulator*
About 24 months
*The school has the FNTPII where you can take down the largest hours provided by law.

ISEC Lisboa

Training Hours
Duration in months
Bachelor’s Degree
4 semesters
About 24 months

Minimum entry requirements

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+18 age icon


18 years old
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High-school diploma or higher
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Physical status

Valid Medical Certificate Class 1
Airplane Pilots

Personal competence
and aptitude

All candidates must take an assessment test at IFA and if necessary, do an interview with the Training Manager.

Theoretical Knowledge

Mathematics, physics and English, memory and multitasking are a plus.

Pre-selection process steps:

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The first step is to communicate with us. You will be helped by our team through the entire process.
Begin your application by filling the necessary forms, provided by IFA.
2. Initial discussion on terms and conditions
To discuss your needs and terms of application, you will be contacted by email or phone. In this phase, your registry manager will answer all of your questions.
3. Required documents and assessment schedule
After you submit all the required personal documents, you are ready to set the date of the assessment.
4. Candidate assessment
The candidate assessment process allows to determine whether you possess some traits and cognitive abilities as well as English language knowledge and the necessary motivation for a successful pilot career. The evaluation is conducted through a secure and legitimate test system.

About IFA Aviation Training Center

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IFA has 21 years of proven pilot training experience.
Students from around the world have already chosen this training center.

With the modern facilities and training equipment, the integrated ATPL course is held in less than 2 years.

The theory is conducted
in Cascais or Viseu. The practical training flight bases are located
at the Municipal Aerodromes to ensure training
throughout the year.

IFA prides
itself on its high-end training approach which is recognized by a range of partner airlines.

Our proven experience

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