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Experience the sensation of flight and practice instrument skills from the safety of the ground.

The replica of the complete cockpit allows pilots to gain a beneficial experience without facing the risks of injury or even death.

With IFA, you have an opportunity to learn, practice, and strengthen your flying skills.

The Simulator Training is the best tool for you to learn.


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Nowadays, the training simulators are full of benefits. The most known advantages are:

With all possible security, students have the opportunity to practice their maneuvers and communications. Doubts and problems can find their solution without any hazard or prejudice.

With the practice on the profissional simulator, you develop and maintain your flight competencies.

Optimize your ATC Communications. You can improve your speech with the entity of air traffic control, which usually occurs by radio.

The device allows the students to practice their navigation skills by Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

There are multiple factors involved in the practice component performed on simulators. There are several advantages by training on this devices, either as a student or instructor. You will be able to discover them on your journey as an aviation student.

IFA's Flight Simulator


The prototype contributes to a high quality training, supported by the latest technology.
>High Definition Visual System with high level of realism,
>Instrument Panel,
>Complete autopilot panel,
>Possibility of changing flight models and aircraft type,
>LPV and PBN capabilities,
>Ability to change between cockpit panels in analog or glass,
>Training of pilots and aspiring pilots, at different levels of education,
>Easy maintenance for reduced downtime,
>Professional model to obtain flight hours, completely safe.


IFA provides solutions for a complete training!
Our professional simulator is a great learning tool, for both students and instructors.

Computer Simulation System

Train the flights, in your free time, with our computer simulator.
Even though it is not an exact replica of the cockpit, the program and the physical components that IFA provides are a set of positive and effective tools to accompany you in the learning process and in the flight phase.
We present this high quality resource, for your personal development.

A solution for you to amplify your skills to the maximum.

The pilot's seat through a realistic simulacrum

Professional level controllers and levers for comfortable and delicate control. The system includes programmable and removable levers for a customization adaptable to your preferences. The plane’s control lever has a very accessible handle for effective navigation.

The Flight Pedals are stable and realistic for a higher level of efficiency. You can drive the airplane with your feet, as in real life. The pedals simple movement allows a precise control of the plane and the possibility of controlling the right and left brakes independently provides stability. There is also the ability to adjust the tension of the pedals: you can select the resistance level that suits you best.

Simple program, with easy connection via cables, without resorting to installations. Simply select the preferred software and after defining the controls, the virtual flight will be ready. The program allows different flight situations to be reproduced so that students practice their skills as an aspiring pilot.

The purpose of this virtual flight device