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Our group is composed by companies that help and complement each other at every service provided. Each one of these companies relates to aeronautics and has specific functions and purposes.

This innovative group continues to expand itself in Portugal and in the world.

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IFA undertakes an authentic and absolute teaching with high theoretical and technical proficiencies, in order to consolidate essential knowledge for a simple adaptation to the reality of the aeronautical professions.

We offer training experiences carefully adapted to each one's requirements. Because the journey in aviation begins with the studies, we continue to expand our fleet, combined with novelties in teaching, with the common goal of turning the school into a reference.


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At at time where the exponential development of the sector is being felt, IFA aims to become a beacon of internationalisation in aviation learning.

We aim to be recognised in our areas of focus for our mission and values, on a national and global scale while demonstrating our ability to adapt. To this end, we promote our presence in various locations, with a single purpose: to transform dreams into reality.


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Safety, Honesty and Reliability;

Technological Innovation and Efficiency;

Excellency and Transparency;

Accuracy, Effectiveness and Perseverance;

Simplicity and Diversity.

Our entire dedication to students is based on a shared fascination with the aviation branches.

Flying is our passion!

By sharing a passion with our students, we make them competent and resilient for future aviation challenges.
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IFA - Aviation Training Center, is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO). It provides all training needs for Flight, Cabin Crew and Ground Personnel.

EASA Part 145 certified Maintenance Company with Line and Base Maintenance capability.
Part 145 Scope of work - Airplanes with MTOW below 5700 kg.
Cessna 100 series, Cessna 210, Cessna 337, Britten Norman BN2A Series.
Grumman GA-7, Mooney M20 Series, Piper PA-24 / 28 / 31P / 32 / 38 Series.

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IFA - Maintenance and Engineering provides the work carried out in aeronautical projects or in the control of airworthiness, through the PART M, Subpart G certification.

Created in 2008, Lease Fly operates worldwide celebrating ACMI, Wet Lease and Dry Lease contracts with some of the most important flag carriers in Europe. The company is also widely specialized in working with OGP companies (oil and gas producers), around the world and specially in Africa. The fleet has 2 ATR 42, 2 ATR 72 and 1 Citation VII (Executive Jet).