IFA Viseu admits international students and strengthens partnership with Instituto Piaget

IFA Viseu admite alunos internacionais e reforça parceria com Instituto Piaget

The International Flight Academy in Viseu recently welcomed its first international students: Bruno from Cape Verde and António from Timor-Leste, who came to Portugal, opting for the IFA Polo in Viseu to obtain the ATPL pilot license they so desire.

At IFA, students have a team that assists in the procedure and acquisition of documents necessary for their stay in Portugal, so that they can focus only on theoretical learning.

During this stay in Viseu, the students stay at the Residence of the Piaget Institute, with which the IFA maintains a strategic partnership, in terms of logistics and the composition of the theoretical structure, including instructors specialized in the areas taught by this Institute.

The ties between the two organizations will be strengthened with the expansion of the student residence, making the future exclusive wing of the IFA.

More info: https://ifa-training.com/flight-school/flight-school-viseu/