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IFA Training new C172 Continental Diesel

IFA Training new C172 Continental Diesel Presentation.

We visited the IFA Training new Cessna 172 Continental Diesel aircraft, the first of five airplanes that are being converted to new engine and avionics technology.

We spoke with the IFA’s group CEO, Mr. José Madeira, who told to us about the reasons, the advantages and the school’s fleet strategy.

“It is an airplane manufactured by Cessna model 172 with four seats and with the most modern set of avionics and Engine available on the market. The propulsion is the most modern in the world. The engine is manufactured by Continental and it uses JetFuel or diesel which has very similar properties. The avionics are a Garmin glass cockpit set, also one of the most modern existing today which includes Digital Auto Pilot.

“For the engine part, the Continental engine has significant advantages for advanced instruction. The engine is full fadec (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) with automatic propeller pitch control. The power settings are shown to the pilot in percentage values, making it identical to a jet or turboprop aircraft. With just one thrust lever, the pilot’s workload substantially decreases and this is of the utmost importance when training to fly IFR.

The avionics and instrument are Garmin glass cockpit and the airplane is equipped and certified to fly IFR. It has a digital autopilot capable of maintaining rate of climb and descent, constant speed and altitude selections allowing all kinds of approaches in a fully automatic way. In addition, it has the unique functionality of recovering the aircraft from unwanted attitudes if the pilot finds itself, for some reason, in spatial disorientation. In this case, the pilot will only need to press a button on the autopilot, and the autopilot alone will put the plane with its wings parallel to the ground and at level flight. A feature that we think is of great added value for flight safety.

The plane is also equipped with a certified Garmin navigation platform for LPV and RNAV approaches. All of these systems are certified, which means that we are facing a certified airplane in the CS-23 category with a glass cockpit and a FADEC system capable of flying with an IFR flight plan as opposed to simulated instrument flight on non-certified airplanes for this type of flight.

Our commitment with this platform for the IFR instruction is to continue. Four more planes similar to this one were ordered and the second plane should arrive as early as August. We strongly believe in the Cessna 172 platform for this type of instruction, we believe in motorization and its advantages even from an environmental point of view and we also believe in the instrumentation and avionics we chose. IFA became an Avidyne dealer, so it is only natural that this brand will be part of our solutions for nav comm, transponders and audio panels, maintaining the Garmin system for Auto Pilot and PFD / MFD.

The IFA has a very wide range of courses. IFA is the only school in Portugal with courses for pilots in Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777 (triple seven) and ATR 42/72, the so-called type rating qualifications. In addition to these, the airline pilot course (ATPL), private aircraft pilot (PPL) and flight attendant (Cabin Crew) and aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) are also on offer. All these courses are duly certified by ANAC the National Civil Aviation Authority.

The IFA Aviation Training Center is also present in Tires, Cascais and Viseu, at the Aerodrome Gonçalves Lobato.
All contacts and information requests should be made through the email address or through the telephones Cascais, 219 246 380 or Viseu 232 244 286.

Source: Newsavia, July, 16th of 2020