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IFA Training – Flight School in Portugal

Take a closer look into IFA Training, your flight school in Portugal.

At a time when the Airline Pilots market is experiencing strong demand worldwide, the IFA Aviation Training Center is a strong choice among the flight schools available in Portugal.
With its headquarters and flight operations at the Cascais Municipal Aerodrome in Tires, the IFA Flight School in Portugal has already had 21 years of activity, and started a substantial investment in 2018 in order to reposition the flight school and improve the Ab initio courses, namely Integrated and Modular ATPL (A), as well as PPL (A).

“Although it existed for more than two decades, we soon felt the need to revitalize the flight school in Portugal. In the process of restructuring the IFA Pilot School, we identified 3 main vectors: the marketing and communication strategy, the adequacy of human resources to the level of excellence in instruction and, finally, the investment needs in instructional equipment from airplanes, simulators and classroom equipments” says Luis Giraldes, Director of Marketing of the IFA and adds “We have significantly changed our positioning, as evidenced by the investments made since then by the group: acquisition of 3 Cessna 172 with Continental Diesel and Garmin glass cockpit engines, acquisition of a 40-year maintenance company in the market, now renamed IFA Industries, the acquisition of a latest-generation FNPT II simulator, the AlSim Alx, which has already been delivered and will be certified as of June 2019”.

Some of the main advantages of performing the ATPL course at IFA, Luis Giraldes outlines “Compliance with flight phase deadlines in accordance with the ATPL syllables. Begin the flight phase as early as possible in the training since we believe that this is a better option from a motivational and pedagogical point of view. At IFA Training our focus has been on completion of the course in the shortest timeframe fulfilling the proposed deadlines. We think that our students have the right to take advantage of this golden phase that exists today for those who want to be a pilot and we have concentrated a lot of our energy on that goal. The student will appreciate the fact that he can be sitting quickly in the cockpit of an airplane flying online than any other factor. I think in this chapter we are clearly in the lead.”

“I believe that at this time we should be the only school to be able to start the flight phase near the 4th month from the beginning of the course, as well as comply with the deadlines announced for an Integrated course, 18 to 20 months. Finally, we have the planning done until the end of the year 2021, already counting on students resulting from the partnership that we recently signed with ISEC Lisboa that contemplates the Degree in Aeronautical Sciences + ATPL (A) Integrated.”
“It is gratifying to see the growth of the school, proven by the maximum capacity we have reached in ATPL courses. At the moment we are also the few schools to hold modular courses and PPLs. We have experienced flight instructors with great experience, we have fleet sized and planned according to our growth, we have own maintenance and not least, we can train, manage and follow the entire pilot career with the Type Rating courses in the 3 most common aircrafts in the world: B737, A320 and ATR” says the Marketing Manager and concludes: “We are still perhaps the only school that allows visitors to attend classes for half a day with our students and freely ask any questions they may have.”

The IFA Aviation Training Center is an approved training organization (ATO), which provides courses for Pilots and Cabin Crew. It covers various types of courses, ranging from Ab Initio, ATPL(A) Integrated, ATPL(A) Modular, ATPL(A) e-Learning, Type Ratings, Cabin Crew, Revalidations / Renewal of Qualifications and recurrent training. As a training center specializing in Type Rating courses, it is certified for B737, B757/767, B777, A320, Hawker 900XP and ATR42/72, having trained more than 800 pilots in Type Qualifications in the last 20 years. IFA also provides advice to pilots seeking the conversion of their licenses (ICAO, FAA and EASA). IFA Training is part of the IFA Group, using IFA Industries to maintain all its aircraft (Part M and Part 145).