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IFA arrives at Viseu

IFA has arrived to Viseu and introduced itself to the population. The event took place in Palácio do Gelo Shopping Centre, with a plane display.

IFA – Aviation Training Centre has placed an aeroplane on the inside of the Palácio do Gelo Shopping Centre in September this year. The purpose was to signalize his arrival to the city of Viseu, where the organizations’ views and intentions were shared.

The exhibition of the Liberty XL-2 instructional plane, which occurred from September 2nd to 8th, produced the desired effect and raised the curiosity of those who visited the Mall. The goal was to disclose the arrival of the Aviation Training Centre to the inhabitants of Viseu and to all those who were in site.

Airline Pilot to Cabin Crew and Aeroplane Maintenance Technician, the main courses this school had to offer were presented, awakening the dreams of each one. With options for everyone, many visitors showed interest and passion for the aviation areas.

The event was attended by people trained in the area and students of the different courses. Besides providing information, they gave their opinion about the schools’ quality and services.

Over seven days, there were many questions asked and photography’s taken. For the little ones, it was possible to go on the inside of the plane, using the handles that control the Flaps. Its function is to provide a greater support to the aircraft. Thus, a small part of what the Pilots’ world involves was observed.

People can experience more of aviation in Viseu now that this Aeronautical Training Institute has invested in the centre of the country to expand itself. There were agreements stablished to make this happen.

As so, the theoretical classes of the Airline Pilot, Cabin Crew and Aeroplane Maintenance Technician courses will be taught at Piaget’s Institute. The practice will be taken to “Gonçalves Lobato” Municipal Aerodrome. The short distances allow a greater efficiency in all teaching aspects, since the Aerodrome is only 5 km away from Piaget’s Institute.

IFA stands out for its diversified and specialized formation. Pilot courses [Ab Initio, ATPL(A) Integrated, ATPL(A) Modular, ATPL(A) e-learning) and Type Rating (such as A320, B737, B757/767, B777, ATR42/72 and Hawker 900XP) are two of them.

There are also recurrent formations (unsafe materials, first aid, human factors, …), board courses, qualifications revalidations or renewals and customized training adapted to each one’s needs.

This Aviation Training Centre even has consulting for anyone who is looking to convert its licence (ICAO, FAA, EASA).

This aviation school is certified as ATO (Approved Training Organization), credited by ANAC and DGERT, being this way recognized for its quality and technical qualifications.