How to become a Pilot

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Do you want to fly for your own pleasure or have a great airline career? We are here to help your dream come true. Follow these 4 steps to become a pilot.
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Your future starts here

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IFA Aviation Training Center aspires to become more than just an aviation academy.
Our goal is to help you develop great skills and competencies. Make your successful aviation career with us!

Step 1 - Would you like to become a pilot?

The aim of flying
and the license you persue

If you have a passion and motivation to fly a plane, you first need to decide if you would like to become a pilot. Then, you must choose if for your own pleasure or to build a career in aviation.
The answer will guide you to the type of license you need.

Step 2 - Choose the right training program

How to become a Pilot?
It is the right time for you to choose a training program to acquire the desired license. A complete list of training programs of pilots may seem confusing at first glance; So we have prepared a simplified table of different training programs available

at IFA Aviation Training Center .

It's great if you know which program you want to sign up for, but don't worry if you're not sure. Our managers will guide you through the differences between the programs and help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Step 3 - Selection tests

Selection Process

If you have discussed your future prospects and decided on the program, the next thing to do is pass the school selection tests.Reserve your time and set a date for all tests.

Evaluation of personal and
behavioural traits or competencies

The test is designed to determine certain personality and behavioural traits in order to evaluate if you fit in a pilot profession.

Assessment of cognitive abilities

The assessment identifies and determines if you have cognitive abilities and skills that are relevant to a
pilot’s job and are key to becoming a successful pilot.

Evaluation of English language skills

With the test execution it is possible to assess your ability to read, write, understand and speak English.

Individual interview

A semi-structural interview to assess a candidate’s knowledge of a pilot’s job,
aviation industry and personal motivation.
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Step 4

Medical examination

Whether you are about to become a private or a commercial pilot, you will have to undergo a medical examination before the start of your training.
You have to get a medical certificate Class 1 or 2 from a medical examiner, approved by the national aviation authority (ANAC). These health examinations are carried out independently by the student, in the specified hospitals of Lisbon or Porto.

Get ready to become a pilot

You are now completely equipped to start your pilot training. Let the adventure begin!

How we became what we are today

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IFA Aviation Training Center has over 21 years of experience in providing aviation services.
It also has more than 9 years of experience in Ab Initio training.
IFA combines the appropriate instruments with specialized employees and instructors.
We are proud of our past and excited about the future.

Why IFA?

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IFA Aviation Training Center is one of the largest standard aviation training centers in Portugal. With us experience is involved in personal care with each student.
Our people are united by their passion for aviation and want to ensure quality training for you.

At our academy you can start your aviation career with Ab Initio training. We are one of the few in the country with an early flight phase start.
In addition, you can continue deepening your knowledge with Type Ratings.
There is a wide range of aviation training, including Cabin Crew.


The efficient environment you are looking for to meet your flight needs.


The quality set of planes that allows you to master the flying skills.

Team Work

At your disposal, the reliable team that helps you reach the next level.

Training Programs

We translate your dreams into the best learning opportunities.

How we started

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IFA was founded in 1998, in São Domingos de Rana.
Qualified professionals were gathered so that technical knowledge and experience in aviation could be transmitted. Thus, a new generation could learn knowledge obtained over an extended period of contact with the area.

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