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Flight School in Viseu celebrates the first solo flight

Flight School
Francisco Lima, the first student enrolled in our Training Center in Viseu performed his first solo flight on the 15th mission, 2 months after the beginning of the flight phase.

On the 29th of September at 6pm, the first student to enrol at IFA’s Flight School in Viseu took an important step in the fulfilment of his dream. This important milestone was done on a Cessna 172, registration EC-FOO, 12 months after starting the theory instruction and 2 months after starting the flight phase of the ATPL Integrated Course. The mission consisted in taking off and landing, doing two “touch and go”. Francisco successfully completed the flight, and will now be able to fly unaccompanied, as Pilot in Command (PIC).

Francisco showed tremendous joy for this important moment, since this wasn’t the first attempt to fly solo, due to meteorological conditions. Francisco Lima, age 21 and already father of a small boy, gave us a glimpse of his thoughts before and after the flight.

Before the Flight

“It’s not easy to manage because the theoretical knowledge is there but to put it in practice, if the stress levels are too high and take over, it can becomes complicated. If the instructor cleared me for solo flight, it’s because he knows I’m ready and believe in my capabilities. We have to do our best, as we do in all classes, and everything will be fine.”

After the Flight

After “touching his feet on the ground”, Francisco’s was excited for this new milestone, leading to completion of his passion.

«Incredible! Feels impossible, but it’s possible.»

Congratulated by his peers and flight instructors, Francisco was moved by the presence of family members and friends, showing their support from start to finish. His instructor, Captain João Santos, who has known him since he was a baby, congratulated him: “Congratulations Francisco and welcome to the group of those who insist on contradicting nature and want to fly.”

To mark this occasion, the instructor responsible for the flight, Artur Amaral carried out the traditional flight bath, minutes after his landing.

At this point, all students of this class are already in flight phase, while some are simultaneous studying to complete the ANAC theoretical Exams.

This is the first of many students who aspire to do the solo flight. Whether initial students or transferred from other schools, the time is getting closer and moods are high.

IFA Team leaves a suggestion to the undecided to follow this profession. The pandemic is not an obstacle to a future career as a pilot. IFA has 2 training locations where pilots can do an experimental flight and live a day in the life of a pilot.

IFA Training Viseu– Open Day

Last but not least, IFA Training at Viseu will host an Open Day on the 10th of October and the school will be open to the public so they can get to know the environment that is lived there daily. Free entrance but mandatory register at