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Zero to Type ATR Course


Type Rating ATR 42/72


The purpose of the Zero to Type ATR course is to enable unlicensed students to obtain an Airline Pilot certification and begin a career as a co-pilot of ATR 42/72 in Lease Fly.

The Zero to Type ATR course is currently the initial training format for pilots, which ensures not only the pilot’s license but also a guaranteed job in an airline, all in just 20 months.


The Zero to Type ATR course structure consists of two distinct qualifications:
2. ATR 42/72 Type Rating: see brochure


– ATPL(A): 18-19 months
– ATR 42/72 Type Rating: 1 month


The Integrated ATPL Course allows you to obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License for a career in commercial aviation.

The training is given as a basis for students without any license, providing all the necessary knowledge and experience, theory and flight, to obtain the qualification of co-pilot (First Officer) and to fly the commercial aircraft.


  • Theory: 815h
  • Flight: 215h
  • Internal tests and exams

The ATR 42/72 Type Rating Course consists of obtaining the necessary and specific knowledge of the airplane itself.

The course has theoretical ground school component, followed by simulator sessions (FFS), ending with the base flight, the final evaluation of the student / pilot.

Theory, 2 weeks

  • Theory – 69h
  • Cockpit Procedure Training – 12h
  • Written exams: 6h


Practice, 11 days

  • Practical sessions: 32h – 08 sessions
  • Skill test: 4h – 01 session


Base Flight

  • 1 day

After completing the ATPL (A) and Type Rating modules successfully, as well as the base flight, the Pilot will have a contract for a period of 6 months with Lease Fly airline company, a wet lease operator with an ATR fleet .


  • 18 years of age at the end of the course
  • 12th grade or equivalent (recognized by the Ministry of Education)
  • Proficiency in English, spoken and written
  • Medical Examination Certificate – Class I
  • Certificate of English Level 4 (minimum) for non-European citizens


The materials included in the course are the materials of each independent qualification module, for more information consult the respective brochure: