TRI-SFI Course


TRI-SFI Course – Type Rating Instructor

IFA Training Simulator


The TRI-SFI course (Type Rating Instructor / Synthetic Flight Instructor) consists of training pilots to acquire all the knowledge necessary to be proficient in theoretical and flight instruction in multi-pilot airplanes, according to Reg. 1178/2011 , Subpart J, FCL.930 TRI / SFI.

This course can only be performed when included on a Type Rating.


Approximately 4 days

a) Teaching and Learning-25h
b) Technical training- 10h

Approximately 4 days

a) As an observer: 8h – 2 sessions
b) Right seat familiarization: 2h
c) Assessment of Competence: 4h – 01 session


Approximately 8 days.


  • Hold a CPL or ATPL license in the type you wish to be an instructor.
  • 1.500h of flight as pilot in multi-pilot airplanes.
  • 30 route sectors within 12 months prior to the date of application, including take-offs and landings, such as PIC or co-pilot, on the applicable airplane type, of which 15 may have be in FFS representing the same type.


Instructor Manual