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ICAO to EASA License Conversion

ICAO to EASA License Conversion


The IFA Aviation Training Center, is in the market for 20 years training and following Pilot careers, it’s the ATO with more certifications in Portugal.


Looking to continue our record of excellence, we intend to develop a service that meets your specific needs: the conversion of your ICAO license to EASA.

The ICAO to EASA Conversion is for Pilots holding a license issued by a third country, in accordance with the requirements of Annex I to the Chicago Convention.

These licenses may be converted into na Part FCL License with a class or type rating provided that the pilot meets minimum requirements.

If you are interested in converting your ICAO license to EASA, please fill out the form below. We will make a preliminary study of your case, looking for the best solution for you, at the best price.

Present deadline for data collection ends on November 30th, 2018.



To convert your CPL ICAO license to CPL EASA you need the following steps:

  • Complete 14 EASA ATPL exams – ATPL eLearning Pack
  • Flight Assessment
  • Flight Training plan based on your flight experience and ANAC approval
  • Final budget in accordance with the defined flight training plan


  • We submit students to ANAC for a maximum of 7 exams per season/date.
  • This pack covers 7 exams at one ANAC season and the remaining 7 exams, two ANAC seasons ahead – we do not submit students for consecutive ANAC seasons (every odd month, 6 times/year).
  • To complete the 14 exams, you will need 3 straight weeks on 1st season for 7 exams, plus another 3 straight weeks for the remaining 7 exams. Ex.: weeks 1,2 and 3 in March + weeks 4,5 and 6 in July.
  • We receive your documentation
  • You need 6 weeks of free time
  • Weeks 1 and 4 are for theory support
  • Weeks 2-3 and 5-6 are for ANAC exams

Pack features:

  • Allows to book for the 14 exams
  • Training support included for the 14 theory modules, via E-Learning
  • Includes 66h of theoretical instruction



IFA is determined at protecting User’s privacy. The personal data collect by this form will be treated according to IFA’s Privacy Policy and used only to evaluate your license conversion.

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