Airline Security Course (SEC)


Airline Security Course (SEC)

IFA Training - SEC - Airline Security


The Security course, initial and recurrent, is a mandatory requirement for all pilots, cabin crew and staff associated with passenger, cargo and operation support services .

By the end of this course, participants should be able to identify restricted areas in an airport, correct use of access cards, identify possible threats and take measures, know the procedures in case of a bomb threat and onboard and external security checks.

Training based on Regulation 300/2008 and 2015/1998.


Theoretical Instruction – 4h

Written test – 1h


  • Awarness on Civil Aviation Security
  • Act of unlawful interference and terrorism – motivations, prevention
  • Regulation, international and national organizations, PNSAC
  • Airport security: airport areas, alert levels, access control
  • Aircraft security: safety checks, protection of aircraft in the ground, seals
  • Passengers and Cabin Baggage: screening, prohibited articles, firearms
  • Checked Baggage: Baggage Reconciliation, Prohibited Items
  • Airport Provisions
  • On Board Provisions
  • Aircraft security in flight: unruly passengers, bomb threat, explosive device and hijacking
  • Comat and Comail
  • Written test


This training is intended for pilots and cabin crew.