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Cirrus “Open House” 2019, in Cascais

Two airplane models presented in IFA Industries’ Hangar during Cirrus “Open House” 2019.

Cirrus Aircraft performed for the first time the event “Open House” in IFA Industries‘ Hangar and allowed to the see their airplanes from up close.

On 23rd October, between 9am and 6pm, IFA Industries, which is accountable for IFA’s – Aviation Training Centre maintenance, opened doors to the exhibition of the Cirrus Vision and Cirrus SR22 2019-G6 airplanes. With a strong belief in civil aviation’s progress at Portugal, the Cirrus Aircraft company intended to show all interested the 5 seater single-engine and the 7 seater single-engine jet.

This was an opportunity, to everyone involved in the aviation community and the curious ones, to get a closer touch with these planes. Cirrus Aircraft is recognized as being a leader in aviation and the biggest single-engine manufacturer worldwide.

This is not this company first appearance in Portugal since it was present in “Portugal Air Summit 2019” at the beginning of the year, where SR22 aircraft was introduced.

cirrus open house 2019 cascais 02 1920x1080 1 - Cirrus “Open House” 2019, in Cascais

IFA Industries is a known leader in aircraft maintenance, repair and renovation (MRO).

In supplement to Part 145 certifications, it also has Part M Subpart G certification permitting it to perform airworthiness control (CAMO).

The corporation has over 40 years of technical experience, hiring skilled mechanics and engineers on a variety of aircraft types. As part of its certification, the company is familiar with different makes and models of aircraft, such as: Cessna 210; Mooney M20; Piper PA-31P; Britten Norman BN2A Series, among others.

IFA Industries is also a Part 147 certified entity which makes the company a school of aircraft maintenance technicians capable of providing the necessary training with a viewpoint to acquire an aircraft maintenance technician license in accordance with Part 66 EASA regulations.

Today, IFA Industries is a part of a group that gathers Lease Fly, IFA-Aviation Training Centre and IFA – Maintenance & Engineering.

« Our group, as an aggregator of various aviation companies, has been driven by a continuous desire to improve each passing day through the effort and strength of all employees and customers. We are a strong group today and we want to continue to believe in an auspicious and encouraging future based on the innovation and excellence of our products and services. » – IFA Group