Three Air Hostess (Flight Attendant/Cabin crew) walking near a Cessna Citation

VIP Flight Attendant

What does the course offer?

This course focuses on the important aspects and responsibilities of working onboard a corporate jet, the mechanics of the role, skills, tools and resources. It delivers complete practical training, advice on entering the corporate aviation industry and covers the requirements of the profession. The course also focuses on managing your own aircraft, etiquette and exceptional service delivery. It is a very practical course which will introduce gourmet foods, wines, champagne, spirits, luxe brands and the practical application of modern food presentation techniques. We also look at modern concepts, ideas to impress and constantly exceed your guests expectations.
The training program is delivered by experienced VIP Cabin Crew Trainers who have all worked extensively with in the private aviation industry worldwide as VIP Cabin Crew Managers, Chief Flight Attendants and Instructors. Our VIP Flight Attendant training team are well regarded business aviation professionals within the business aviation industry. The professional training and career advice they deliver will fully prepare any candidate for a role in corporate aviation, enhance their professional experience and service delivery.


  • The private aviation industry
  • Corporate aircraft types
  • Private owner and charter flights
  • VVIP’S, HNWI and Heads of State
  • Working onboard a corporate jet – a day in the life
  • Delivering exceptional service
  • Pre-flight, inflight and post flight duties
  • Effective trip planning
  • Ordering catering and menu planning worldwide
  • Catering and service styles for the Middle East, Russian, African and Asian clientele
  • Creative menu writing
  • Galley organisation and service set up
  • Mis en place
  • Modern napkin folds
  • The art of setting the table
  • Silver service
  • Serving wine and champagne
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Barista skills
  • Gourmet foods & brands
  • Caviar, balik salmon & foie gras
  • Garnishing and food plating
  • Contemporary culinary presentation techniques
  • Catering practical
  • Styling the cabin
  • Contemporary cabin trends and new concepts
  • Cultural differences and considerations
  • Children onboard
  • Pets in the Cabin
  • Customs and aircraft paperwork
  • Corporate and personal etiquette
  • Presenting a professional image
  • Social Media etiquette
  • Networking and resources
  • Interviews and trial flights
  • Career progression
  • Optional CV workshop and current vacancies with our recruitment partners

Training Facilities

Everything at IFA is design to meet student's needs and create the best learning environment.
You can choose your training location in Cascais or Viseu.
Theory classes are conducted in fully equipped classrooms and the practical training is conducted on dedicated facilities near IFA.
Classroom at IFA Flight School Cascais

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