Three Air Hostess (Flight Attendant/Cabin crew) walking near a Cessna Citation

Minimum entry requirements

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Minimum of 18 years of age

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High-school diploma

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Medical Fitness

To be granted a Cabin Crew Medical Report

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English language proficiency

Fluent in English (reading, writing and speaking)

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Swimming skills

Ability to swim

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Step 1

Medical Check

Every Cabin Crew member is required to have an EASA Cabin Crew Medical Report. Although it's not a requirement for enrollment in the course, we recommend doing it before it starts to avoid financial loss in case you have a medical condition that prevents you from working as a Flight Attendant .
This document will be necessary to apply for an airline position later on.

Step 2

Complete the Cabin Crew Initial Course

After successful completion of the course, candidates are issued an EASA Cabin Crew Attestation, widely accepted around the World.
Three Cabin Crew members with travel trolleys on airport hall
IFA Cabin Crew Attestation sample

Step 3

Cabin Crew Attestation & Cabin Medical Report

With this two certifications you are ready to start appying to airlines and start a career as Cabin Crew.