Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew

Complete airline solution

We offer a complete airline service to save time and ensure safety-oriented cabin crew preparation.

Cabin Crew Recruitment

IFA has experienced technical professionals to conduct cabin crew selection and recruitment, following airlines requirements. Also we can find the most suitable candidates within the students who already completed the Initial Cabin Crew course.
Safety & Emergency Procedures Course - IFA's Life Jackets

Full range of
Cabin Crew Training

In addition to recruitment, we offer a full range of Cabin Crew training for Airlines:
  • Initial Cabin Crew course,
  • Conversion course based on operator's training manual,
  • Line training.

    All training can be tailord to airline specifications and requirements.

Training Facilities and Mock-up

IFA offers cost-effective cabin crew training possibilities in the most realistic environment.

The following practical training facilities and equipments are available:
  • Fire Fighting Trainer
  • Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer with Airbus & Boeing doors, smoke generator and PBE's
  • Wide body economy class cabin mock-up (1:1 scale replica)
  • Swimming pool, raft, life jackets and survival kit

Steady flow of candidates

Being amongst the leading aviation training organizations in Portugal, IFA offers a steady stream of potential candidates as well as many different crew member training programs.

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