Cabin Crew recruitment

Complete airline solution

We offer a complex airline solution that intents to:
save time and ensure safety-oriented cabin crew preparation.

Cabin Crew

IFA is ready to perform cabin crew recruitment, meeting the needs of your airline.
Our know-how built on years of field experience ensures a smooth collection, selection and nomination process of suitable candidates for the job.
Safety & Emergency Procedures Course - IFA's Life Jackets

Full range
Cabin Crew

In addition to recruitment, we offer a full range of Cabin Crew for Airlines training class: initial crew cabin, conversion and also inline training. All of them could be provided one after another, according to airline requirements, in order to prepare professionals.

The Cabin Crew courses are designed and taught by aviation field specialists to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the flight attendant's profession.

training at headquarters

We are constantly expanding the selection of training equipment at headquarters. The Aviation Training Center opens up the possibility of cost-effective piloting or cabin crew rental for airlines. Available training equipment:

• Real Fire Fighter Scene

• Mock-up Training – AIRBUS & BOEING

• Swimming pool with the all equipment to survive a ditching


Steady flow
of candidates

Being among the leading aviation training organizations in Portugal, IFA offers a steady stream of potential candidates as well as many different crew member training programs.

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