Auditing and Quality System in Aviation - Check List

Auditing and Quality System in Aviation

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The Auditing and Quality System in Aviation Course is an industry specific 2 days programme based on the latest knowledge about Compliance Management, the conduct of audits, regulation, auditor characteristics and auditing methodologies. You will be able to work as an auditor and gain compact expertise concerning quality management systems in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

The course was specifically designed for those who need to manage, undertake or understand how to conduct effective compliance monitoring activities in relation to Flight Operations and support the achievement of business objectives.


  • 2 days



a) Quality Management Systems

· General Concepts

· Quality Objectives

· Organizations-Regulatory Frame Work and Standards

· ISO Regulations

b) Regulation

EASA Regulation – Security and Compliance

Regulation 965/2012


c) Compliance Audits

· Audit Principles

· Concepts, definitions, objectives and types (965/2012, 1178/2011 e 1321/2014)

· Auditing Planning and Program

· Procedures and Methodology

· Working Documents, Checklists

· Non-conformity, Findings Evaluation and Corrective Actions

· Auditing Report

· Compliance Records and Forms

d) Audit Follow-up

· Management Responsibilities

· Corrective and Preventive Actions

· Tools for Quality Continual Improvement

e) Audit profile

· Knowledge, skill, authority and independence

· Behaviour and communication

· Training requirements

f) Auditee

· Undesirable behaviour and how to cope

· Different personalities and communication adjustment


Aviation professionals that are involved in the implementation of internal audits or in Compliance Management procedures of an aviation company.